Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

My Mother and I.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love you. You have done a wonderful job raising Brittany and I, taking care of our intermediate family, being an amazing support system for us all, and still you manage to keep your head high. You have been through a lot in your life and have had to put on many hats to support us all and you take on every single obstacle head on. I cant tell you how much I admire and am inspired by your strength. The fact that you were a dancer and had impeccable style was so inspiring growing up, from your beautiful black hair, black eyeliner, and your red lipstick..to your beautiful sundresses and old-fashioned style. Who I am is because of you. If it wasnt for your love and support who knows where I would be, it is you that I look up to after all. You are my biggest support system and you always push me to follow my dreams and most importantly my heart. My friends love you like you were their own mother. You are my best friend and im sure other people feel the same. If there is ever a time that we need advice we know that we can come to you and get an honest opinion. I am so lucky to have a mother who is so open-minded like you, someone who accepts everyone and never judges a book by its cover. You have raised me to be loyal, respectful, and loving. Those are the most important qualities that most people lack these days and I can now pass them down because of you. You have a light about you, even if sometimes you feel pressured by the needs of others who seek your help, just know they seek it because you are a true hero, and they appreciate you for it. When Brittany or I are going through something we can always count on you to make us laugh. Your sense of humor and bubbly personality can light the darkest room. Even though you are humble and way too modest to give yourself the credit you deserve for raising 2 kids, constantly educating yourself with school while working a fulltime job, being an amazing wife to dad, controlling a household, and taking care of your family, just know that you are absolutely amazing and the strongest woman I know. I wouldn’t replace you for any mother in the world.

I love you.

Your biggest fan,


10 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

  1. Jazz that an amazing photo and this is an amazingly inspiring post ,wish you and your mom a happy mothersday

    That quiet kid from A&D

  2. I cried.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Vandalizm!

  3. You look so alike! I always hate when people say i look like my mother but i can’t imagine you would, you are both so pretty! x

  4. This truly made me cry. I can say, “I am also blessed to have two wonderful daughters”. It’s a great feeling to know that I am appreciated and loved by you both. A special thank you to all your friends who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. Love MOM

  5. I like to take this moment to say happy future M-day to you and Happy M- Day to you Ms. Vandalism you are a great inspiring artist. with mucho ❤ amor

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