Fort Tyron Park

The other day my best friend Derek and I headed to a park called Fort Tyron Park, in Manhattan. I have never been this far out in Manhattan but I am rethinking my ways after visiting this park. It was incredible. The flowers were like rainbows and the view of the Hudson river was beautiful. Who knew a place like this existed only a few minutes away from where I live. Derek also took me to Independence Avenue in the Bronx where I saw my dream home overlooking the river, it was like a tiny village, I swear Snow White exists and lived on that very street. Every time I go out with Derek, I learn a million new things and I see the most beautiful places I never knew existed. I am so fortunate to have a friend who constantly lifts and inspires me. I need more friends like him. Here are some pictures I took with my Nikon.

This squirrel was sun bathing.

We came across this cat when another arrived. They were so cute.

At some point their tails shaped a heart, shows me animals are probably the only species who still love in this world.

Dont get her a bouquet of flowers, take her here!

Heart leaves.

Rainbow leaf.

Castlevania..just joking!

My dream home.


8 Comments on “Fort Tyron Park

  1. We always tend to feel like we have to leave New York in order to see amazing places, not realizing that there are so many beautiful places to see right here in NY. Also, you don’t have to go out and spend money to have a great time. This place looks like such a peaceful place to spend the day. The pictures are beautiful and Derek seems to be one amazing guy/friend. I am glad that you had such a great time.

  2. All beautiful. I’m glad Derek showed you a good time!

  3. “..shows me animals are probably the only species who still love in this world.”

    Appreciation goes a long way. As does my gratitude for the many people that have loved me in one way or another even if we are no longer in touch or it ended on a bad note. & I can’t thank those that remind me daily how much Love exists. Even in the most ugliest parts &/or situations. It’s all about perspective & how you CHOOSE to accept things. Bless.

  4. I live a few blocks from Fort Tryon park and it’s literally me and my cousins spot for the Summer, we walk up there every weekend almost! It’s relaxing.

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