Happy Birthday Miss Mimi Loubeau!

[Mimi Loubeau. Photo taken by: VV]

Yesterday night we celebrated my friend Mimi Loubeau’s birthday at a karaoke bar called “Second on Second”. I havent been out in ages because I have been non-stop busy so this was a good opportunity to have a great time with friends I haven’t seen in a while. I went directly after work and it was definitely a struggle to stay awake after running to get Mimi her cupcakes and then running to the other side of town to meet her on 2nd Ave. All in all I stuck it out, kept myself awake and partied hard with the ladies. We had such a good time and Mimi looked fabulous. If I could relive it all over again I would.

You tall bitch you.

Mimi’s Beau Lasse, they are so cute together!

Drenched in Betsey Johnson. Tired as f*ck from work.

Mimi and Dedan!

Mimi singing her ass off with her friend!

Throwing out dollar bills and everything!

Lmao these girls had us cracking up the whole night. They were singing all night, loved them!

How cute is this couple?

Cutie Dayshawna!

Killa Kida and I reunited! Who’s glasses are these?

Tall bitches and me on my chair.

I dedicated a song to Mimi lmao!
Dancing lmao!
Blow out the candles lady!
Make a wish!


En Vogue!


Lol look at that girls face!

Mimi’s B’day Shoot.

Just before I left, I gave Mimi a little photo shoot. Here are the photo’s I took.

good times!

10 Comments on “Happy Birthday Miss Mimi Loubeau!

  1. Glad you had a great time with your friends. You all look fabulous. I wish I was there to watch you all sing.

  2. Those turquoise-ish walls are awesome!

    Good times!

  3. you did suuuuuchhh a good job at taking photos
    Thanks so much for coming, and for the cupcakes and GUYS SHE ROCKED THE HOUSE SINGING AMYWHINEHOUSE! Loved it!

  4. Just had time to really look at the outfit! Cute stuff. I LOVE ONESIESSS/ROMPERS/JUMPSUITS!!

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  6. Hey,

    Love the pictures! You ladies have some great outfits on! Is it possible to find out who made the leopard dress and the hot pink one???

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
    .:*Janelle My Bell*:.

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