Barbara Feinman Millinery

Yesterday I was around 2nd Avenue when I stumbled across a great hidden treasure hat shop by the name of Barbara Feinman. I swear the minute I walked in I almost died, the hats were so BEAUTIFUL. Barbara Feinman’s work was so inspiring, she made me want to jump on a sewing machine or head to Michael’s. I actually got to speak to her while I was there and you can tell this woman knows her hats down to the T. She had a variety of hats to choose from, from fedoras to pillbox’s, and top hats to bowlers. She has it all. I recommend this shop to the hat lovers of New York, and if you aren’t from here, you can buy her hats directly from her website. The hats are a bit expensive but so worth it!

Here are some pics I took at her shop and some of my favorite hats directly from her website.

I’m addicted to stripes. The combination of colors and stripes make this one special.

I cant….I just cant…I need this top hat.

I love all of these! I want them all!

I want to get married in this one.


The combination of nude flowers and this shear tulle veil is amazing.
I love huge bows!

Visit the Barbara Feinman shop!

66 E. 7th St.
New York NY 10003
(212) 358-7092


5 Comments on “Barbara Feinman Millinery

  1. Omg. I died a little. I NEED one of these hats. The hat with the huge bow is so very much me! How nice of you to be kind to us and share your find. You’re a better person than I. Ha!

  2. just look this video…without voice…its such a your style….

    best regards from slovenia…

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