$35 of FASHION.

Cute Eyelet top with Bolero $5

Hello Kitty “Talk nerdy to me” T-shirt for my little sister. $1!!!!

Duck boots that I desperately needed. $10

2 ties $1 each.

Two pairs of high waisted Liz Claiborne shorts $4 each.

Khaki pants $5

Bebe skirt with a back seam and rouging at the booty. $4

Going to Salvation Army when they are having a friends and family day



8 Comments on “$35 of FASHION.

  1. Do they have Moonlight Madness sales at the Salvation Army like they do here in California? Every 3rd Thursday of the month = extra 50-60% off EVERYTHING from 5pm-10pm!

    I was on this blog (www.cupcakesandcashmere.com) and was reading her post about floral print shorts. I was laughing because she posted pics of ALLLLL these shorts that can be found at Sally’s Army or other thrift stores. Your shorts prove that folks need to remember that there is nothing new under the sun, and most of today’s “trends” can be found for the fraction of the price at their neighborhood SA, Goodwill, etc. Then again, maybe they should stay out so I can shop in peace.


  2. wow! you did so well, I can’t believe the bebe skirt and duckies. I have been trying to find my own pair for a couple years but usu. by the time they make it to the thrift store out here in muddy Oregon they are way past their prime. You are both looking very gorgeous and your hair is sssoooo long. May I ask if this particular salvo was in nyc? Only b/c the prices are so low.

  3. oh and @chandra: one of the best quotes I ever heard (not sure the exact origin) was that “fashion only moves in one direction: reverse”

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