Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb & The Sweet’s Shop!

At the Mode Merr show, there were many vendors, my favorite being Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb. MRTB’s section was full of amazing vintage clothes and accessories! I left with 2 hats and two dresses, one dress was for my mother, she looks amazing in it! My mother has a good eye, she actually pointed out the dress I bought, she knows me so well:). Above is one of the Hats I bought, it’s so pretty and the price was decent at $22. MRTB didn’t have crazy prices like many vintage stores do now-a-days, her prices are reasonable and perfect for someone like myself who wants to keep vintage shopping!

This one below isnt from MRTB but I did get it at the Mode Merr event. It’s a creation from The Sweet’s Shop. I ADORE this hat!

This dress is from MRTB. I don’t need to tell you why I bought it..Its pretty self-explanatory.

This one falls into the favorites of all of my vintage dresses.

Look at my momma in her new dress!

I love you! You look beautiful in it and you deserve everything and more!


8 Comments on “Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb & The Sweet’s Shop!

  1. I Love these! I thought it was a mannequin (sp?) in the first pic. Just Flawless!

  2. U look just like ur mom..geez like looking in the mirror…love the hats.!


    Hey, J, yo’ mom is trying to steal your thunder!


  4. Thank you so much for featuring us in your amazing blog! I love your looks and how excited you get about fashion! It certainly is an art form for you! I would love to feature you as a customer of the moment in our next newsletter! We are having our website redone so it would be cool if it coincided with that. Let me know if you are up for it! It just means a picture on our website and in our newsletter with a little bio. But your perfect for it! Thanks again!

    • Hey Peanut!

      Your very welcome, I love you ladies! I would love to be your customer of the moment-let me know when your website is running and I will definitely contribute! I have to come visit the shop and do a full story!<3

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