Mode Merr Spring Fashion Show!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of modeling for Mode Merr once again. I swear the Mode Merr shows get better and better every time! The band was AWESOME, the burlesque shows were PHENOMENAL, and the fashion show was FUN! So many people came out to the show. It made me so happy to see so many of my friends attend and most importantly my mom & family. It was also good to see some familiar faces from the last show, I hardly ever get to see these amazing ladies! We danced, shopped, took many pictures with the classic cars, and had a blast! The show was a complete success, Mode Merr is one of my favorite rockabilly brands! You guys have to check out the website!

More details and photos inside!

Hangin out & Shopping before the show.

This dress is from Enz on 2nd ave, remember that post I did earlier?

Me & Sarah! So happy she came all the way from Jersey to see the show! I love you!

I LOVE Julia! This is the sweetest most loving person I have ever met!

This is Mariann, the owner of Enz! I love her so much, such an amazing woman!

My Uncle Tito and Aunt Carmen, where’s my momma?

Daisy & Ivette! thank you for coming!

You already know I left with this dress (Next post!)

The Burlesque show!

Bob! she’s hilarious!

Little Brooklyn! one of my favorites!

This was Ingrid and Sarah’s first burlesque show, so happy they got to see a great line up!

Joe Boobs! isn’t she Gorg!

One of the Pontanie sisters, she’s AMAZING!

Dirty Martini! Karl Lagerfeld loves this woman, so do I!

Angie Pontanie! shes GREAT!

The Fashion Show!


My Favorit-ist person in zee whole wide world!!!! I’m so happy Derek came!

Pink Ladies! (P.s I don’t smoke)

Love his car!

Smile Shmenkeee!

I love Cynthia! It was so good to see her!



8 Comments on “Mode Merr Spring Fashion Show!

  1. I LOVE how Mode Merr celebrates all body types! 🙂 You looked fabulous and I’m happy your friends and family were on deck to support you.

  2. I definately agree, “The show was Amazing”. It was also really nice having so many friends and family come to join us. They all had a great time. You did a great job and it was a pleasure as always to share the moment with you.

  3. The leopard dress!!! When is that going to be on Mode Merr’s website? I’m in total love! I need that dress!

  4. THe pink ladies pic is so cute! ANd thank you for showing people another world of modeling where you don’t have to be stick thin! You betta WORK!

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