Bustles, Crosses, & Cat eyes, Oh my!

I have been eyeing this jacket for a while now at the Betsey Johnson store. I finally allowed myself to purchase it and just put myself out of my misery lol. I LOVE IT! Its a bustle jacket with a floral pattern which is GREAT for Spring and Summer. I know, I am a shopaholic, but it didn’t help when my mother introduced me to Beyondtherack.com. They were having a Betsey Johnson eyewear sale! I couldn’t resist buying these cat eyed shades! I know I am going to wear them to death! Oh’ and by the way, they were only $24 dollars, yes..$24 dollars!..You can blame thank my mother for that one. I also included a Betsey necklace I got at the sample sale that I forgot to post, its beautiful. I love all of the Mexican Crosses. Cant wait to wear it!

It has corset backing!

Cant wait to get these shades in the mail!


11 Comments on “Bustles, Crosses, & Cat eyes, Oh my!

  1. Oh, sweet! I meant to tell you about Beyond the Rack’s sale, but totally forgot. Glad your mom stepped up. Make sure your linked up with Editor’s Closet/Ideeli. I found Betsey shades for $13-15. I’m going to pop the lenses out and make them into regular ol’ frames! Yay! Ohhh and the hat! Did you make it/buy it?

  2. giiiiirl, let me tell you I used to work for BJ too and that coat was a smash… we all wanted it bad! It’s the cutest of all the pieces that came in in that print. have fun wearing it!


  4. That BJ jacket is BEAUTIFUL!! I agree with Denise, you always put together outfits with a touch of class. The new layout of your site goes perfectly with your great sense of style. Its always refreshing to see inspiration beyond current trends!! Keep it up!!

  5. omg i have to glasses i found it in marshalls and cheaper they are soo cute

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