Vintage V. Finds: Safari Queen!

The other day I went for a walk around my neighborhood with my grandmother. We found ourselves at the shopping area and I couldnt resist stopping by the Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Those two shops have been my favorite since I was 15 years old. For some reason, in the past few months I have gone to those shops, I havent found a thing. It’s rare for me to go into any Salvation Army or Goodwill and leave empty-handed. Everything has changed, the prices are higher, the merchandise isn’t as good, and It kinda feels like every time I go in, It’s already been raided by thrift store owners. Many expensive thrift shops have merchandise from places like Salvation Army, they just slap a bigger price tag on it. Anyway, I hit the jackpot the other day and I hardly spent anything on these jewels! I think my grandmother is good luck.<3

How amazing is this Leopard shrug! Oh my god, I nearly died when I saw this. I’m going to wear this to shreds!

Salvation Army. Authentic Vintage. Sonata Fashion. $10

I love over-sized dresses from the 80’s. This one is just classic, I love it. I even purchased this belt for $2.

Salvation Army. Authentic Vintage. MS CLAUSE. $10.

This dress looks like a fresh sample from a design warehouse. The neckline and construction of this dress is simply divine.

Salvation Army. No Tag. $7

Ok so this amazing Jacket is from Zara, I bought this a while ago though. I bought these shorts to match it but of course its a tint lighter. Ah well, it’s going to be too complicated so I’m going to still wear them with this jacket.

Salvation Army. Authentic Vintage. MARKS & SPENCER. $4

I wasnt too crazy about the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for Target until I laid eyes on this dress. If you didn’t know, Target always sends back stock to local Goodwill’s. This means if you happened to miss that Rodarte collection, you might find it in Goodwill for dirt CHEAP. This dress was mine, didn’t even try it on until I got home.

Goodwill. Jean Paul Gaultier for Target. $10

I was on my way to check out when I spotted this dress hanging off a rack. Snagged it and that is self-explanatory.

Salvation Army. H&M. $15

I’m a sucker for cat eyed glasses, had to get these.

Goodwill. Authentic Vintage. $4


22 Comments on “Vintage V. Finds: Safari Queen!

  1. You my darling are a true fashionista!! How do you do it?? Looks like each piece was made especially for you; especially the gray dress!!! Love everything!!!

  2. Great looks! ❤ luv the shoes and my favorite is ur all beige/khaki look ,')

  3. Your style is exquisite and you are completely gorgeous! I’m really happy I came across your blog!


  4. Yep! Rodarte is now at Goodwill. Saw the line there today! I love the hats!

  5. Wow you found all those things in Salvation Army? Thats amazing. I see chicks all the time in overpriced designer clothes and dont look half as good as you do. I guess it really is about HOW you wear things. Beautiful as always ^_^

  6. I love your site. This was a fabulous article, and the clothes are amazing and look great on you. Please keep posting!

  7. you are one fantastic women with one great fashion eye. Although i just ran across your blog a few months ago, i can truly say that you are a great inspiration to how i see fashion within myself. You make your style soo “You” no matter how wild it is. I LOVE IT … youve given me a lot of great tips ! Keep it up are truly amazing!

  8. omg!! i love it, which thrift shops are these. im going shopping this weekend. xoxo

  9. WOW! I searched high and low for that Jean Paul Gaultier! Which Goodwill and Salvation Army location did you go to? I live in NYc and have never stumbled upon one.

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