V.V in Anomie1 & Anattitude Magazine!

I hung out with my friend Indie (I love her!) the other day and she told me I was in 2 magazines, Anattitude and Anomie1. It was photos from the shoot I did with her for her clothing line Kweenz Destroy. I was so excited to see it! Marly did a great job photographing the girls and I. Indie’s line of t-shirts and tanks are to die for, they are soooo cute. The colors and the artwork make the line more original. Indie collaborated with Fafi with her last collection of tee’s, I wonder who she is going to collaborate with next? Stay tuned ;).

If you don’t know about Kweenz Destroy get familiar by clicking here.

For Anattitude, a few thumbnails of the other models and I are in the back.

For Anomie, I’m a poster!!!! So cool!

Btw thats Graff legend Cope, Indie’s Beau, they are an amazing team!

Love you guys!


4 Comments on “V.V in Anomie1 & Anattitude Magazine!

  1. The poster is awesome! The Kweenz Destroy shoot is one of my faves!

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