Pandora’s Choice: pt.3

This is the third look from my photo shoot with Carlos Griffeith for I mentioned before that It was surprising to see that Pandora’s Choice was the first and only store I have ever come across that sells bustles. Bustles are like petticoats only they are tied around the waist. Bustles are commonly worn underneath an A-lined dress but I switched it up a little bit and decided to wear it over my tool dress. It worked perfectly! I love it! This whole outfit made me feel like a faery and the sequins on the bustle reminded me of faery dust. If you want to see a clearer behind the scenes photo of this outfit check out Custom Fads post on this shoot.

Here is the photo shoot for look 3.


8 Comments on “Pandora’s Choice: pt.3

  1. Loves it!!!!!

    How can I get ur autograph?

    Seriously!! luv ur style and u have helped me through ur own words of personal situations. U opened my eyes

    • Hey Phinel! Thank you so much for your continuous love and support! You should check out my tumblr, Im using that now for my more personal is strictly related to fashion and beauty now<3 XOXO

  2. You definately know how to work your clothes. Amazing how you know how to put everything together and make something so simple look amazingly beautiful. And lets not forget the makeup, your eyes and facial expressions with every look …….girl someone is definatley loosing money by not signing you up.

  3. your eye makeup! with that little hat, it makes you look like a precious little doe. (I love deer). Is there an eyeliner brand you prefer over others?
    melina bee

  4. i really really wish you would model for me, for my photography class!!! if only :/

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