Incorporate Lingerie into your style!

Call me crazy but, I like to have my undergarments match my outfit for the day. This doesn’t mean I think all women should do this, I just happen to enjoy it. Women before the 60’s wore every item of clothing together so perfectly from the matching gloves to the matching purse to the matching shoes and their undergarments always tied into their outfits. I am heavily inspired by the women before my time and I love being able to have fun and be creative with my entire outfit like they did. It seems they took more time grooming, however, it seemed effortless as most pictures you see of women from the 1950’s left no woman in sight who wasn’t beautified. It’s almost like they woke up with pin curls, tiny waists, and straight seams. I love that and I try to be exactly like they were back then.

These are some examples of how your undergarments can complement your outfit. Even though no one sees them, If you do have a special person in your life or a hot date, I promise it will knock it socks off to see the presents you’ve got underneath ;).

Gingham never gets old, If I had this dress I would pair it with this set and these stockings. This dress along with this set, these stockings, red lipstick, and red pumps makes one hell of a pin-up princess.

Im all about nude/blush pink sets, they go with almost everything because they are neutral. If I had this dress, I would pair it with this set exactly as is. It’s a pretty little secret you would love to have hidden underneath this very innocent looking dress.

I love this dress, you can pretty much wear any set underneath a dress like this but I would change it up and wear something with tints of color. I love the ruffled piping on this bra and panty set along with the bits of wild pink and coral flowers. If I had this dress, this would be my set of choice along with my pink lip gloss;).

Even when I’m dressed down and I’m in my baggy jeans and a wife beater, I still love the notion of having something sexy underneath. It’s like “Ok I may look dressed down and not be in my heels and tight jeans but, you have NOOO idea what I have on underneath”. Lingerie gives women confidence in the shittiest of outfits. Yeah this outfit goes PERFECT with this set.

Dont be afraid to go above and beyond. A corset or body suit can be worn under a dress if  its done right. These two go along perfectly minus that belt around the body suit. You want it to be seamless and not show under the dress so you have to choose wisely.

I love neon orange paired with army green. The next time you wear your camo pants and your oversized tee-shirt or tank top, pair it with something cute underneath. Wear neon colors and make them pop!

This dress is gorgeous, and so is this set. It’s a simple lace set you can pretty much pair with anything and get away with it. When wearing suspender belts under a dress you have to make sure that the suspender pieces lay flat, if not everyone will know what you have on underneath. This dress and this set along with simple cuban legged stockings are a perfect match.

A Royal blue set underneath a royal blue dress is pretty genius. Something like this can make a man howl.

And last but not least…Who doesn’t like leopard? Who doesn’t like lace? Who doesnt like leopard lace? This set underneath this dress is perfect for that bad little kitty within you. Meow.

Have fun! Be Creative! Get Sexified!


8 Comments on “Incorporate Lingerie into your style!

  1. you are too freakin cute! I love your blog… i visit everyday! Great post…. ive never been much into lingerie for everday wear but you are making me awfully curious… 🙂 which means SHOPPING!

  2. i always match my bra, panties, socks/stockings….never too matchy, just colors/patterns that compliment each other. the matchy matchy combo is cute for that cupcake look though. i love your idea of wearing the neon orange as a surprise for the navy, never thought of it.

    you pulled that trick out of one your mad hatter hats!

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