Betsey Johnson Sample sale: 4/10!

This is a beautiful evening dress I am totally wearing on a regular day. I LOVE IT!

As you all know, I always work the Betsey Johnson Sample sales. I used to work for Betsey Johnson years ago and have kept a great relationship with the company ever since. I am fortunate enough to say that 50% of my wardrobe is Betsey Johnson. I used to work next door to the store and drool over all of the beautiful dresses I can’t afford, ironically they recruited me, and now look at me. I love Betsey Johnson, she will always be my favorite designer, I can see myself years from now still wearing Betsey like I haven’t aged a day. Here are the goodies I got at this sale!

This dress reminds me of Mexico. The mix of black with hot pink and orange colors make me think of Dia De Los Muertos. It’s a size too big but I’m going to make it work!

This dress has cute little bows on the front and tons of ruffles! It’s so much fun! I plan to wear it with a blazer.

As itty bitty as I might be, I absolutely love long dresses. I always loved this pattern, I have the same pattern on a pair of harem pants I bought from Betsey a year ago.

I actually tried on this outfit as a joke and actually loved it. On the hanger it reminded me of hot-topic-emo-chicks but when I put it on it was actually adorable! It even matches my new Betsey Lace booties! This is a good comfy throw-on-and-go outfit.

Who doesn’t love jumpers? You know I had to snag this off the rack IMMEDIATELY. It’s SO CUTE! Matches my Betsey shoes too!

Last but not least, I grabbed these cute wooden shoes. They are so cute when they are on, I know they are going to be one of my favorites this summer.

If you missed it, no worries, I will let you know when they have another sale!


15 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Sample sale: 4/10!

  1. Wow, you’re beautiful!! I go on your website daily!!!! I’ve actually wrote to you on twitter before & told you this haha but keep it up you’re one of my idols when it comes to fashion & outfits I wear. Xoxo

  2. looking good. You photograph REALLY well.

    In the pic with the all black you look like an evil little red riding hood lol

  3. hi i just found this site the other day through The Boobs, and I’m so hooked. it’s beyond refreshing to see a spanish girl have an awesome blog…it’s sounds corny and cliche but you’re inspiring

  4. Aww man the first dress is soo darling on you. I just want to pinch your cheeks!!!
    And the rest i love because it shows your latina side..
    But yeah I have to see those last wooden shoes ON but for now I will take your word for it…

  5. oh you’re so pretty! I love how you do your eyeliner. Betsey rocks so much– her dresses are like little delicious designer cupcakes topped with harajuku girl sprinkles or something.

  6. I’m so bummed I missed this sale, but I’m happy to live vicariously through you. BJ is my all time favorite designer too. These pieces are so darling on you & I especially love the first one!! Please Please let us know when the next sale is taking place!! :))

  7. You find THE BEST stuff at the BJ sales, I swear whenever it is I come to NYC again I need ot book my trip around one of these sales, lol.

  8. Favorite look=the long blue dress with roses! Grandiose for sure!

  9. this makes me want to cry. i am so obsessed with betsey and think i would DIE if i ever went to a sample sale.

    thanks for sharing, love your blog!!! XOXO

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