Pandora’s Choice: pt.2

For the second part of my Pandora’s Choice photo shoot with Carlos Griffeith, I thought it would be a good idea to shoot this outfit at the Brooklyn Diner on 57th. I always pass this diner when I am on  my way home and I always gaze at how amazing it is to have a 1950’s looking diner in the middle of giant sky scrapers. I invited my friends to come along for the shoot and they took some behind the scenes footage for their website customfad. If you would like to see the footage and a preview of the next look click here.

I know its forbidden for a model to eat before a photo shoot 😉 but Before the shoot started, Sarah, Ingrid, and I decided to eat there. The food and service was amazing. Even when we did the shoot, the manager of Brooklyn Diner allowed us to take pictures inside. Ingrid got good shots of the amazing pictures from the inside of the diner, ugh I loved the old-fashioned atmosphere of that place. They were so sweet and accommodating, I would definitely eat there again.

Back to the shoot. Carlos Griffeith did such an amazing job, we collaborated so well, and he captured the vision that I wanted. 

The key item of this second look is the stockings from Pandora’s Choice and how I styled my outfit with them. They are black fishnets with a red seam, I absolutely ADORE them! I paired them with a vintage black jacket with red piping and two red roses on the back. The skirt is from Mode Merr, the bag/shoes/gloves are vintage, and my hat is from the village hat shop. I also pasted a red patent leather bow on my hat to add some icing to my cake;).

You don’t want to miss these click below to check them out!

To see part 1 of Pandora’s Choice click here!

To see the Pandora’s Choice shop click here!

More pics coming soon!


14 Comments on “Pandora’s Choice: pt.2

  1. Need I give you more praise?! Um, yes. Went to customfad’s site.. That outfit you changed into when you ladies went to Central Park WOWWWWW!! humuna humuna humuna lol Ingrid took incredible pictures! Keep rising Jas!

  2. Whoa! You got vision; you didn’t lie when you said you were gonna do it big for ’10! Now off to check CustomFad.

  3. STUNNING!!! You’re the poster child for pin-up. Loves it xoxo

  4. you are such a babe! I’m sure you already know that, but I guess I’ll tell you again. We have slightly similar features so I’m like on cloud 9 that you got voted for “great boobs” on I will be stealing your eyemakeup look for sure.
    melina bee

  5. Oh WOW! These pictures are friggin AMAZING!!!
    As I said before you are just amazingly beautiful & I love your Style! ^-^

    Great Job Jasmin!

    P.S. – Carlos Griffeith did a GREAT job capturing your beauty.

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