Pandora’s Choice

Pandora’s choice is a UK-based website that sells glamorous retro lingerie and corsets from top burlesque lingerie suppliers including What Katie Did, Angelic Weapons and more. I have worked in the lingerie field for sometime now and I can honestly say that this is one of the best online shops for lingerie up to date. Pandora’s choice has an advantage over other lingerie retailers because you can find anything and everything on their site. Pandora has the most amazing corsets, lingerie, and accessories for any girl who ADORES the 1950’s and/or burlesque. One thing I especially love is the fact that they sell bustles! I mean, you can find petticoats anywhere but bustles? Bustles aren’t sold hardly anywhere! They are ancient! I also love the fact that they have stockings in all fabrics and colors. I am very specific about my stockings so Pandora’s Choice is my go-to place to find whatever color and style I need.

It’s amazing how you can wear underwear as outerwear when its done right, here is a corset from PC. I love this corset because its made exceptionally well and boned exactly the way it should be. I find that most corsets these days aren’t boned the right way and instead of embracing a womans curves, it takes them away and straightens them out. This one fits me just right. The floral pattern has a Victorian feel to it.

I paired the corset with an H&M jacket and a skirt from Top Shop. The stockings are from Agent Provocateur. My hat is Jaxton; my favorite hat company. My jewelry was a gift from burlesque queen Scarlet Sinclair.<3

Check out Pandora’s choice by clicking here!

More pictures of items from Pandora’s choice coming soon!

Photographer: Carlos Griffeith Stylist/MUA/HS:V.V


13 Comments on “Pandora’s Choice

  1. Please, please, please tell me what style of hat that is. I have been trying to find out for years, and if you could point me in the direction of where to buy one it would be even more amazing.

  2. Well I knew it was a top hat, but I was referring to the size/style(its short compared to some others I have seen) and the veil(I don’t know if it came with it, or if you had to add it yourself).

    • Did u go to the website I showed you?…its a Top Hat by Jaxton. If u google it you will find more information..the veil came with the hat..

    • and I dont know the style, I would guess its a Victorian top hat. Also go to for more dramatic top hats.

  3. I had went there but I couldn’t find the one with the veil. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong section….I’m not seeing a Jaxton but I’m seeing Jaxon and I just looked at all hats by brand but I’m not seeing it.

    • Its made by jaxton..That’s not the style. That website (village hat shop) doesnt have my exact top hat. Mine was a store prop by Agent Provocateur. They had it special made..Ive given you all the information I have.

      Good luck.xo

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