Local fun at the park.

Today was 85+ degrees out so it was only right that I head to the park with my little munchkin rex. I had my friend Tammy meet me along with my sister and family later on in the day. It was an awesome day off, I took soooo many beautiful pictures of flowers and trees. It’s good to see the flowers bloom and the trees full of life again. The strip in my neighborhood was live, there were cars and motorcycles everywhere, you could hardly even find parking. My dad took his Nova out, it was perfect weather for cruising.

Here are some photos of today.

My son Rex ❤

My baby ran off to see this cute Maltese, he was in love lol.

My sister and her friend Elaine.

How cute is my sisters outfit?

Two cuties!

Tammy didn’t want to take a photo lol. Isnt she adorable anyway?

We had a picnic so it was only right to wear a gingham dress right? lol

The dress is Betsey Johnson of course. The shoes are from H&M.

Hope you liked the photos!


4 Comments on “Local fun at the park.

  1. FAMILY!!! 🙂 Made me smile. You’re sister is too cute! That Nova is awesome, also!

  2. Great photos! We still have some snow left here in Norway..

    Love your blog 🙂

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