Bernie Dexter Hot Rod Tops!

Bernie Dexter is one of the top pinup models in the world, its only right that she have her own line of pinup clothes! I love this woman, I met her a few years ago on the Bettie Page cruise and we have been in touch ever since, she is such an inspiration and such a great person. I just recently purchased a top from her ebay store and I absolutely adore it! I received one in black and one in a metallic gold and I cant wait to wear them! I’m trying really hard not to bid or buy anything from her website because she has such good stuff. For now this will do..hope you like!

Want a hot rod top? visit Bernie Dexter’s website!

Just go to the rockabilly section to find them:)


8 Comments on “Bernie Dexter Hot Rod Tops!

  1. How funny! I see Bernie model all the dresses I want, and didn’t even know her name.

  2. where did you find the hot rod shirts? i looked and they were nowhere to be found. maybe im blind lol.

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