V.V x Pinuplifestyle in Retro Lovely Magazine!

Just received my 1st Issue of Retro Lovely Magazine today and I’m in it thanks to the PL team!

Buying this Magazine was a super bad Idea because after looking at all of the pinup photographs I am officially hooked! Everyone must order this magazine if you love pinups and the rockabilly culture. Retro Lovely magazine chose a picture I took at the rumblers car show last year that Daddy Cool remixed for me. I absolutely love this picture because it reminds me of that day. I was supposed to work and they sent me home early, I decided to head to Coney Island because its one of my favorite places. Suddenly I saw a whole bunch of hotrods and nearly died! It was such a coincidence that I was dressed pinup too and I took pictures with all of the cars at the show! I can’t wait till the rumblers head to Brooklyn this August, I will keep you all posted. Its going to be a car show under the Brooklyn bridge. So anxious!

Here is the cork board in the Magazine and the picture they chose.

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7 Comments on “V.V x Pinuplifestyle in Retro Lovely Magazine!

  1. Jasmin, ur a natural BEAUTY, & i’m so proud of what/who u have become!!! Keep up the good work Mama!!!!!!

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