Lets paint the city RED!

It was a long and AMAZING day out in the city for me.

First I went to a casting for a magazine shoot that was very much up my alley, then I was off to the city to meet up with Mimi, Sarah, and Ingrid for the Staerk Pre-Order Event at Bond 7 followed by the NYLON Topshop event. I trooped the whole entire city in my Dolce and Gabanna Candy apple pumps, a Betsey Johnson Jacket/dress ensemble, a vintage red purse, and some cute heart shades.

I got out of the casting quicker than I expected and met up with my mother to kill time before I met with the girls, I brought them around the boutique areas so they could meet my friends around the neighborhood, and then we were off to Betsey Johnson to see if my shoes were finally delivered. I went shopping with Kay a few months ago and saw these beautiful lace booties and was so sad I couldn’t get them; now I can and I did. You know you really want something when you can’t stop thinking about it, I lost sleep over these boots.

These are the booties on Kay.

Now I was off to pick up Mimi so we could head to Bond 7, that’s where we met up with Sarah.

Mimi is so tall and fierce, I might make her my pretty body-guard.

and we’re off!

Found these CUTE steal wall frames, I found one that fits me best 🙂

Mimi found one that fits her..She’s the anti-housewife..this is why we are friends.

I’ll take $100 worth of Hostess cupcakes then. Thanks:) ❤

Sarah looking amazing as usual!

Bond 7 for the STAERK event.

These are some pieces from the new Staerk collection. Staerk’s collection was very Avant Garde, there were saddled bold shoulders, soft leather dresses, tunics, sexy black dresses, and more.

Mimi spotted this little Bar from the 60’s that I FELL IN LOVE WITH.

Now we were off to Top Shop for the NYLON party.


stopped at H&M for a second on the way..BAD IDEA, I was about to leave with this jacket but instead settled for some cute black comfy peep-toe pumps with a giant bow in the front. I don’t have any comfy black shoes, and these resembled my favorite Betsey Johnson shoes I wore to shreds. This jacket is cute and all but I have so many already.

Sarah purchased some goodies!

Top Shop x Nylon Event!

How cute are these flower patterned wedges!

Ok so….my aunt is going to be so pissed at me..I HAD to leave with this trench..The bows+polka dots+amazing fit=OMG-NO-I-DIDNT.

Ingrid purchased it too! It looks so cute on her!

Loved it so much I wore it out!



9 Comments on “Lets paint the city RED!

  1. Omg look at you you little retail WHORE! You bought something else!!!???!! But I see why, that coat is ADORABLE on you.. and in your defense you could say the temp dropped and you needed something warmer to wear home. Adults like to hear about practical purchases 😉 Anyways, the pix came out great, and I had a great time! Thanks for the invite! And as always u looked FAB!


  2. So super adorable!! The lace boots…..I have no words. Just gasping as I do at all of your stuff LOL….this whole post got me extra excited for my shopping day in the city tomorrow!!! xoxo OH and Sarah’s hair = FIERCE!

  3. Effin adoreeeeeeee this post!! Work the city girl & work those hawt clothes!! I lalalaloved every single item! Amazingg

  4. Yay for friends and NYC! I saw those peeptoe sandal/pumps @ H&M while in L.A. this week, but passed them up for something else. hmmm. This post is convincing me to go back.

    Ja$mine, Mimi, Ingrid, $arah= vixens in the city. Love it!

    Have a great day!

  5. Jasmin! I love it! Jasmin in Wonderland! It’s so enchanting. You girls are so adorable and have way too much fun! Have a beautiful Easter weekend!

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  7. LOVE the Trench!! Looks like it was made for you!!

    BTW. I know Sarah.. She was my MUA for a few fashion shows!! 😉

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