Vintage Finds: Kiki De Montparnasse.


I went to a Kiki De Montparnasse sample sale this weekend and got some goodies. I aimed directly for the samples because those are usually one-of-a-kind pieces that never got produced and SCORED. Here are some great items I purchased. They are all either black or white so I made the pictures B&W.

Men’s button down Romper.

This romper is made out of a men’s button down, I think the idea is genius. It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw when she leaves Mr.Bigs apartment in his button down and just pumps. I want to wear this with an actual tie. The sleeves are supposed to have cuff link inserts but I kinda like them long and rangely. It also has pockets!

Silk Robe Romper.

I have needed a robe for forever..Finally got one ;).

Garter Tank.

Some guys don’t want you in lingerie, some would prefer his T-shirt or maybe..his wife beater? Ok so we are ALL crazy about this garter tank, I don’t know one person who hasn’t spoken about it..Ive been waiting for it to go on sale for forever and It finally did!

Hooded Tank/dress.

Why I love this Hooded tank is self-explanatory. Anything feminine with a hood drives me crazy. The inside of this hood is silk! Love it!


18 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Kiki De Montparnasse.

  1. Once again my eyes observe the not so obvious; everything looks fab, but I love, love, love your slicked back hair!! HOW DO YOU DECIDE THESE THINGS? How do you know that these photos/your look would look much better with pulled back hair? Amazing.

  2. Love the romper + the garter tank.. very sleek

    and those booties… Fierce!

  3. seriously. you are so effing awesome. i love your style and i love how you model it. i recommend your blog all the time 🙂

  4. Jas u fucking rocked this shoot and the finds were AMAZING esp the tank look with those kind of liquid pants and bad ass shades OH and the hooded dress, u looking like a sexy Spicy Latina million dollar baby (if you didnt see that movie, It was a female boxer reference ;-)….

    BUUUUUUT Im kind of feeling like look 1, the tee shirt romper would look better on a taller person AHEM* COUGH COUGH <<<<<<<<<<ME!!!! lol

    TTysoon love
    Keep vandalizing!!!

  5. Lovin all these looks… I especially appreciate the fact that you do not have stick skinny legs and you rock short skirts with confidence and a heavy dose of sensuality… I myself have thick thighs and though a lot of men have commented over the years that it is sexy and what not, I can’t help but sometimes feel shy about baring them… ie I DO NOT wear shorts… ever. You are inspiring me to embrace my curves… You have a gorgeous bod and a shape I’d like to see more of in the fashion industry… I am not fat, but I will always have thick thighs (believe me losing weight does not get rid of them). I’ve decided I need to learn to love ’em while Im still young… Keep up the good work! You are ultra inspiring… Enough with the stick figures in fashion!!!

    • Hello Laurita!

      Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by the website! I am so glad that i inspire you, wear your shorts girl! Never allow what society’s version of a beautiful woman, hinder you from being the beautiful curvascious woman that you are. The key is just to love yourself and never care what people think, I think when we worry about what others think, it just waters us down from who we truely want to be. I wish you well and I hope you continue to visit.


  6. These boots are killer!!!! ^_~ plus these are my favorite looks so far and you look expectacular ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. OMG I just luv ur dress…wer did u get it ?? ur style iz amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn xoxo

  8. You look AMAZING in these photos. I love the hair, you look like a dead ringer for the love of my love, penelope cruz!!!

  9. I love all the pieces you scored. I just bought the shadow lace garter tank off this morning!!! It’s hot hot hot…can’t wait to get it.

  10. Where is it that you get all these beautiful clothes!
    all these items are amazing.

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