Good times at Juliet!

Yesterday Mimi and I decided we would go out considering we havent in FOREVER. We headed to Goldbar where I almost got into a cat fight with the door lady because she was being a @#$%^ and we just decided to just go to Juliet. We made a GREAT decision, last night was priceless!..

I can’t tell you how lucky I am—Last night while I was waiting for Mimi to get out of the restroom the owner of the club was so sweet and asked me if I wanted a drink..He wasnt trying to make a pass at me or anything, I guess he was being courteous of his guests. He was a complete gentleman. After he introduced himself (his name is Artei) and passed me my sprite he went on his way…Mimi and I continued to dance the night away and I didn’t even realize my wallet fell out of my purse!…Suddenly the owner comes back to me and hands me my wallet, turns out, one of his cleaning people found it, and thank GOD the owner had introduced himself to me previously or I wouldn’t have my wallet right now lol..Luck was on my side and my wallet had all of my cards and money in it. I cant tell you how amazing the service is at that club and just the fact that they returned my wallet reassured me that this is a great venue with good people and great fun.

Every time I go out I expect it to be a drag, I swear something bad always happens, or I just am sitting there bored to death. I always get dressed up for boring parties where people are either in baggy jeans or look homeless lol. I told myself…not tonight. Tonight I was going to dance the night away in my cute leopard dress and forget about world for that one moment. Mimi is a tall great person to party with, she is a free spirit who knows how to have fun (in a classy manner). Yes, we are classy ladies, we don’t care for the men in clubs, we don’t drink till we are all over some stranger, we just dance..and you know what? for a moment as I was dancing I said to myself “I miss this”..Its on this Spring/Summer!

I wore a Bettie Page Clothing dress, Agent provocateur whip-me stockings, Topshop pumps, and a Betsey Johnson bustle coat and purse.

See more pictures inside!

The Ever so-tall Mimi Loubou

Great times!


4 Comments on “Good times at Juliet!

  1. You both look great! Love MiMi’s huge hair! Great look on her!

  2. Not from NYC, but stopped by Juliet to meet a couple females.. Doorman suggested that the party’s booth is full and need to buy a $400 bottle of Vodka for entry… Ouch. I rest my case that NYC is best suited for stunning young ladies..

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