Enz’s: New York’s 1 and ONLY Pinup Shop!

A few years ago while walking around Astor place, being that it’s the only really awesome place to shop in the city because the stores have been around and have kept their originality-I stumbled upon an amazing Rockabilly Pinup shop called Enz’s. I swear ever since then, every single time I step foot in that store  I wind up leaving with something. The best part about the shop is the owner Mariann, I have a small list of my most favorite people in the world and she is definitely one of them. Mariann is one of the coolest people I know, no one knows NY better than her. Mariann has had a shop on 2nd avenue longer than anyone there and she still holds down her crown. Enz is the only Pinup shop in NY, in the store you will find dresses by Bettie Page Clothing, Stop Staring, Kiss me Deadly, Trashy diva, and more. It’s the only store in NY that sells the most amazing dresses from the best pinup designers out there. Her prices usually range from $100-180 for dresses and some separates might be a little cheaper. Enz’s also has amazing pinup jewelry, hats, shoes, swimwear, and hand bags. If you are a guy, she also has amazing greaser tees and button downs. I recommend this shop to EVERYONE, it was my best kept secret for a while but I just have to share it with you! If you want to embrace the pinup culture through your style, I suggest you go to Enz’s!

I got out of work early today to meet up with my friend Crystal so we could go to Enz’s and boy was that a bad Idea..Guess which dress I left with?

I LOVE this dress, the slits, the stripes, and the fit was Irresistible. This one is by Stop Staring.


I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS HAT..The first time I saw hats like this, I was in LA on Melrose checking out the shops on the strip..I came across a Gothic leather shop that had these hats.

This dress was so comfortable and i love the rouging at the top.

I love her hats!

I loved the fact that this one was houndstooth, I would love this for Fall with a nice black jacket.

How adorable are these shoes?

Purple isn’t my color but this dress was awesome.

I loved this back, the colors and stripes caught my attention right away!

Check out the “Bitches get Stitches” brass knuckles necklace lol

Dia de Los Muertos bows and jewelry!

If you are ever around 2nd Avenue, don’t forget to visit Enz’s, trust me you will LOVE it!

Tell her Jasmin sent you!

P.s I purchased the striped one!



11 Comments on “Enz’s: New York’s 1 and ONLY Pinup Shop!

  1. The grey number looks sweet on you! I will def’ pass by to check out the accessories and greaser tees you mentioned ❤

  2. You look amazing in that striped dress! And the purple one, I think that colour purple is great on you. That shop is the bomb, makes me wish I lived in the states! And is that all your hair or do you have real hair extensions? xx

    • Thank you Dame! you might be able to shop online, I can ask her..if not, you can go find similar items on pinupgirlclothing.com..oh and my hair is 100% real lol, but people always think I have extensions, its just cut in layers. XOXO ❤

  3. I’m going the grey one too! It’s so haute!!! You can wear it to work, lunch, dinner and even church. I’m in love….

  4. I love Enz’s, and everytime I walk into the store, I buy something. It’s funny but a few days ago I bought the 1940’s dress by Trashy Diva. I so love the rockabilly clothing. Jasmin, all the dresses looked wonderful on you. You always had a far out style since high school.

  5. Mariann’s got it going on! And you, too, with all that junk in de trunk! Work it! That striped dress is perfect.

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  7. love, love Enz, it sorta an obsession passing by that store. Thanks for writing about it.

  8. Jasmin, you look stunnIng! I’m a lonely photographer stuck in Jersey, ladies here don’t understand pin up… it seems. Help lol

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