Central Park with my Bestie and my Rexxy!

Today I met up with my favorite gal Tammy to take a walk around central park. I have been dying to take a walk with my dog there for sometime now, so when I heard she was there I just couldn’t resist joining her. I always have a great time with Tammy, especially when we go to Central park. Its been such a long time since the last time we went together. We grabbed a quick bite, walked the park, and headed to Borders so I could buy this book I really wanted called “The Alchemist”. We had so much fun, Rex was so happy to see other dogs and run around. I can’t wait till its even more warm than it was today so I can take a good book, lay a quilt on the grass, allow rex to run around, and just chill out under the sun. Here are some photos of our adventure today.

I am very observant, these lavender flowers were peaking out of a large mass of dead leaves..Proof that spring is coming, even if it shows in small spurts.

It’s beautiful how these wooden branches create such beautiful art.

Tammy is a star, if you didn’t know..now you know.

look at my little bear climbing a tree! isn’t he the cutest!

I love my little munchkin.


I always wanted to have lunch here..I think I shall make that a goal.

I like how the camera made us reallly dark in this pic..super emo.

Alice..you havent changed..I still remember climbing you when I was just 5.

Good times!



5 Comments on “Central Park with my Bestie and my Rexxy!

  1. if you’re talking about The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho its an awesome book, he’s my favorite author

  2. hey great post! what kind of camera u have ? the pictures look amazing !

  3. I love to see you and Tammy spending quality time together and Rex looks so beautiful in that tree.

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