V.V interviewed by Circus Project Magazine!

A few weeks ago I received an email from Germany’s Circus Project, an amazing online magazine dedicated to connecting bloggers worldwide to mix, collaborate, and bring thoughts and ideas to life. I think thee entire idea of ‘Circus Project’ is BRILLIANT and after looking it over, it definitely stands out from a lot of online magazines. They were also very friendly and supportive so I am definitely going to keep in touch with them. The other day they asked me if I could do a Q and A for the magazine and I couldn’t resist, I have never been asked these questions before and I’m glad I got the chance to address them. Add Circus Project Magazine to your blog roll because this magazine is definitely on the rise.

To see the interview, click the image below.

Thank you Circus Magazine for having me!

Hope to visit Germany one day!


5 Comments on “V.V interviewed by Circus Project Magazine!

  1. i think this is one of you more content rich interviews as far as your view on the world. i really enjoyed it. it reminded me why i visit the blog and continue a friendship with you, you’ve got character. only people, places, and things with true character move me. thanks for always staying true to form =)

    maria g.

  2. Girl, what a wonderful opportunity they offered. Was it really that strenuous? Could you have negotiated the terms around your schedule, say a feature piece a week? I would get back in touch with them!

    V.V has gone international!

  3. Nice. I’m glad the questions were well rounded and you were able to give a little more insight into “why” you blog and like to blog. I consider your blog art–you just use a plethora of mediums: words, photos, fashion, opinions, etc. You raise a valid point about blogging and print media. There is always talk about whether or not blogs will overthrow magazines, but I don’t think so. However, I will say that I’ve been through my share of blogs and as long as you continue to stay true to yourself and your supporters, you’ll always have my support!


    Wow. That was….long!


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