V.V x WilliamYan.com 03/09/10

Leather Jacket: Zara Leggings: American Apparel Shoes x Hoody x Top: Christopher Kane for Top shop

While I was walking to find a place to eat in Soho I bumped into my good friend William Yan, I sweeear I always bump into him at the best of times. I’ve known William for a few years now and he’s honestly one of the most genuinely cool people I know here in NY, and trust me there aren’t many here. William is the brilliant mastermind behind http://www.williamyan.com, a blog dedicated to art and fashion. He has shown me so much love within the past years and has featured me on his website a number of times. When I saw him the other day he took this picture and posted it on his site. I’m very thankful for his support and for creating a blog I actually enjoy. His blog is definitely one of my personal favorites, you guys should totally check it out!

To see other posts involving William Yan on my website just put his name in the search box to your right.

Will takes such amazing pics!


5 Comments on “V.V x WilliamYan.com 03/09/10

  1. your shoes are fab! I dont know if i could walk around in thoes all day! But then again, sometimes BEAUTY IS PAIN!

  2. glad we wear the same shoe size, i’ve been eyething those kanes for months haha. 😉 hope u come back into my life again soon <33

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