Mad Hatter in the city!

Today I went with my family to see Alice in Wonderland dressed like none other than the Mad Hatter. It was a perfect day of perfect weather for an ensemble like this one. I absolutely loved the movie as I knew I would, I think it’s because I can relate to Alice being in her own wonderland. I guess that also makes me as mad as a hatter, ah well, so be it..I like my little wonderland and I adore my hats! I suggest you all go and see it as I am planning to see it a second time. Here are some photos from today and some photos of my little cousin Natiana who also wore an Alice in Wonderland themed outfit.

How cute is SHE! Omg I loved her whole outfit.

Notice Alice and friends on her vest!

Loved her bag!

Good Times!


4 Comments on “Mad Hatter in the city!

  1. Astonishing! I figured you would wear the Mad Hatter outfit, and might I say you look stunning!&+ I love her outfit, and her vest is very detailed I love it! I haven’t gone to see the movie yet but I am going tonight! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Good times! I love that you spend time with the people who support, love you, and allowed you to live in your Wonderland—your familia! You’ve gotta major support system!

  3. I LOOOOVVVEEEE your mad hatter look! The mad hatter is my favorite character.
    you are such an inspiration! i got a POSTiT of you coming SOON!

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