Illustrations by Jade Boylan.

A few days ago I got a message from Jade Boylan, an 18-year-old illustrator attending college in the Isle of Man (it’s a little island in between England and Ireland). Jade takes a lot of her inspiration from burlesque and pin-up images and I am so happy 2 of mine inspired her to do these drawings. I couldn’t resist showing these images to the world, I was so excited when I saw them. She is so talented so I wanted to thank her and give a special little shout out to her on my blog along with her images and a link to her website.

To see more of Jade Boylan’s images click here.

Thank you Jade for being such a sweet heart ❤

Keep up the good work!


5 Comments on “Illustrations by Jade Boylan.

  1. oh my goodness! thank you soooo much for that amazing post! that’s so kind of you! lots o’ luv from the Isle of Man 😀 xX

  2. Very nice, Jade! Jasmin, she included my favorite look! Your Moschino dress with the paint splatters. 🙂

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