What I wore today: 02/18/10

I swear I pick out my outfits in my sleep..I woke up this morning dying to wear this one skirt I have had in my closet for about 3 years. This stripped satin skirt is vintage Jiki Monte-Carlo Creations, I got it at the Salvation army next to my house for like $5 and haven’t wore it in forever! I think it’s because It looks a little flat so I decided to get creative and try to layer it with this H&M dress I’ve been sporting a lot lately. When I tried the two together it was pure magic! I SWEAR it was made for this dress, it was a perfect match! I decided to pare it with my bold-shouldered Top shop jacket, my extra-high Top shop pumps, and a scape (scarf-cape) my friend Theresa Dapra made for me. For accessories I just wore simple pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, a cameo ring, and a bangle that says “I am ready for my close-up“. I felt ready, I felt set, and this outfit was a go!



10 Comments on “What I wore today: 02/18/10

  1. that scape should get it’s own post. i’m dying to see how it looks unwrapped & the ways you can style it. i could never pull off the silouhette that the skirt has though. damn hips! LOL PS–I def want a bright colored scape!

  2. love this look!
    sometimes I visualize my outfits falling asleep the night before, I try to maybe look for other things, but then my head always leads me to what I had been dreaming about. I think it has something to do with having so much in your closet, our minds are all bound to do this

  3. Love the look as always! However, I have to ask you to please dish on your hair! How do you keep it so shiny and healthy? What is your hair regimen because you never seem to have a bad hair day.

  4. Yes i meant to tell you I loved the skirt when I saw you but a part of me wanted to snatch it off of you maybe that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to say it.
    And $5!!! I hate you more Jaz!

  5. so i envy you 🙂
    you always have th emost amazing outfits
    and look darn good in them
    love how you put this skirt over this dress
    looks amazing!
    love love love your blog!!

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