Yesterday while I was walking around soho, my best-gal-pal Tammy wanted to head to Top Shop because she hasn’t been there yet. My first thought was “oh dear” because every time I go into that store, I leave with something. So we went inside and of course I went straight for the sale section and peeking out of one of the racks was this peculiar coat. I thought “this looks interesting and it looks like my size. Lets see how good it looks on”. To make a long story short, It was mine. The symmetry and the bustle in the back made me die a little. It was a size 2, the buttons might need to be pushed over an inch due to boobage but overall this coat is AMAZING and ON SALE! The cashier looked shocked when I went to buy it and said “Oh my god! you found one! I hate you!”. I immediately knew this was a blessing even though I really shouldnt have been shopping, I just had to add this to my closet of amazing things. I’m sure you all agree:)


7 Comments on “Plaid-Van-Garde!

  1. Omg!!!! I love it!!! See if I was there I couldn’t even try to get it. Not a size 2 lmao. GREAT FIND!!!!

  2. I HATE YOU, TOO! That coat is SWEEEEEEEEEET! I love it! Fabulous find for sure.

  3. wow, amazing find!
    very Westwood, and that is always a good thing.
    don’t you just love the feeling of finding a treasure such as this in the sales area?

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