V.V spotted on Kelly Cutrone’s show “Kell on Earth”!

Today is just full of surprises.

I was on my computer doing my daily check up of Perez Hilton when I got a text from my friend Jess that I was on TV. I thought “What?”, considering I got a phone call this morning from my dad telling me I was in a magazine I knew nothing about. Jess told me to tune in to the bravo channel and there I was on a “Kell on Earth” commercial. It was just a second, and I hardly know anything about Kelly Cutrone as I’ve been mixing her name up with Kim Cattrell from Sex and the City and could have sworn in my brain that they called her Kim for short (oh my blond moments). I do know that she is the head of People’s Revolution and despite everyone’s opinions of her, she was very polite and nice to me. Anyway, since I saw myself on the commercial I decided to sit back and watch the show because “who knows, I might have more face time (camera time)”, sure enough I did and I added another 4 seconds to that 1 second of my commercial-face-time lol. 5 seconds of face-time at that Agent Provocateur show that was full of workers makes me feel very fortunate, no one else other than my ex-boss Kim got face time on the show. Every inch of success is still an accomplishment and I am proud of myself for even my littlest ones. This is just a start of what’s to come, and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

Here are two small snippets of me on the show.

To see the post I did on that same Agent Provocateur show click here.


12 Comments on “V.V spotted on Kelly Cutrone’s show “Kell on Earth”!

  1. yeah i was watching it when you tweeted that it came on again. I was like OOOOooooooooh SNAP! There goes Jasmin!
    actually you got shown 3 times! LoL!
    the last time was right before the A.P. show started, the camera paned to the right and it passed your head it was quick but it was YOU! i was so happy for you! lol :B

  2. wow wow wow thats all i have to say …can i have my cousins autograph lol…love u girl

  3. i saw it, and i thought it was you!!!….but then i doubted it because i figured you wouldve given us notice that you were going to be on the episode. i have a good eye afterall. 🙂
    i love that show too. if you have to cry…go outside.

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