Last year I attended the Rumblers car show under the Brooklyn bridge and It was like being at VLV all over again, only in my hometown NYC. It was nice to see pin-ups, muscle cars, and hot rods at the show, even the Vendors were cool. While I was at the show I saw Dale Rio, a really cool photographer I met at the Mode Merr Fashion show. She took my picture at the car show and mentioned something about it being in a magazine but I totally forgot about it until today. I got a phone call this morning from my dad telling me that his friend saw me in Ol’Skool Rodz, I was like “huh” and my dad said he would bring the magazine home so I could see it. Low and behold, there was a big picture of me on page (3) of the magazine. My dad said “lol, you made it in the magazine before I did!”. The next show is on August 21st and I will definitely be there with my dad and our beautiful Chevy Nova 68′. This will be our first show with the car so im sure my dad will finally get his chance to be in one or two magazines, his work on this car never goes unnoticed. It’s a shame it rained in the last show, my dad really wanted to bring his car and decided not to because we thought the show might have been canceled. I think this year will be a great year for him.

To see more pictures from the last rumblers show click here.



  1. hey girl. this is really random but i just saw you in a quick clip during a commercial on Bravo. For the show kell on earth. I just thought it was funny.

  2. im so happy for u mama!..i know u going to make it real soon..keep up the good work..i was looking at the show kell’s a fashion show n i seened u there too, helping out, n even in the commercials..i love u mama, im proud of what u do!

  3. You really haven’t seen everything yet…EXTREME PAINT Over 2800 hours of airbrush/brush art on a 1928 Ford Model AR Roadster Pickup A HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY ON COMICS from 1896 until NOW ! I ‘d love to send you pics of my vehicle…you will be AMAZED ! Hey, a little eye candy is always good.

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