Bullets of Love Mannequin show!

Yesterday I attended the Bullets of Love event at the Freshthetic shop in Brooklyn with my friend Derek. I was supposed to take part in this show but didn’t have the time to dedicate to this project. I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I don’t think my Mannequin could compare to the amazing work I saw at this event. My favorite mannequin is the one with the pinup girl laying down on the gun. Randy, the co-owner of the Freshthetic shop gave us cute fake tattoos of the same pin-up illustration, it was so cute! The other mannequins were amazing too, some were bedazzled in stones and some were painted to perfection, and all of them had a meaning or a story to tell. In the back room they were serving mexican food and ::gasp:: red velvet cupcakes! Oh my god I nearly died and went straight to heaven the minute I sunk my teeth into those cupcakes. At the last event they had spanish sushi! how innovative! These are guys who unite cultures together perfectly. Speaking of sushi, Derek and I went to Ginger afterwards to have peanut butter sushi, thats right..PEANUT BUTTER..God I love food, I swear there’s an obese woman living inside of me. Here are pictures of the art work at the show and the rest of the night.

Sushi at Ginger!

Good times!


6 Comments on “Bullets of Love Mannequin show!

  1. How in the world do you find out about these events? No, really i wanna know…Those mannequins are amazing!!..p.s….ur great and I will always be one of your fans…i cant even lie.

    take care!

  2. Wow. I am really impressed with the innovative art! I love it. Peanut butter sushi?!! Again, wow. I’ve gotta try that!

  3. loved seeing you there girl…lol to our pic…let’s meet up soon.
    peanut butter sushi??? interesting but you are so skinny…

  4. So sad I missed you that night. The show was indeed amazing. My guy did the Marcy Ave collage piece above. Glad to see a nice write up…keep us update Jas!! ❤

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