What I wore Today: 02/09/10

I went on an Interview today in a Betsey Johnson suit :). I havent been on an interview in ages, mostly because I lasted so long with my earlier jobs. This outfit was definitely an energy booster, I felt confident and positive about the outlook of my day.

Skirt/Corset top-Betsey Johnson Jacket-Vintage Ann Taylor Hat-Vintage Shoes-Topshop Stockings-Birkshire

March to the beat of your own drum!


12 Comments on “What I wore Today: 02/09/10

  1. Heyyyy! My fave-o-rite part? The cuban legs! Am I odd? I saw some hot pink cuban legs and they are too darling! Have your browsed Roberto Cavalli’s hosiery collection? When I was in NYC in November I stopped into claustrophic Daffy’s and picked up a pair. Ok. I digress. 🙂

  2. Loved the outfit. Especially the jacket! Looking for something like that myself..
    Anyways, good luck!

    Love your site 🙂

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