Shopping for the Birthday girl!

Karen invited me out yesterday to help her find a birthday outfit, her birthday is tomorrow and she wants to look fabulous for her 21st. I Invited my good friend Sarah to come and we had such a good time running around into different shops to find a dress for Karen. We went to Patricia Field’s, Topshop, Bloomingdale’s, Karen Millen, and Betsey Johnson. I havent been shopping with girls in forever so it was fun to get out and do so, even though I didn’t buy anything lol. I’m on a shopping diet till further notice, lets see how long this lasts. Aside from that-GOOD TIMES!

Patricia Fields!

Burger King for a pit stop lol!

This is how we do it!

Betsey Johnson!

Prettty Sarahhh<3

Hat-Village Hat shop Sweater-Unknown Belt-Vintage Pants-H&M Boots-Michael Kors

We didn’t find Karen a solid birthday outfit because she wanted to explore her other options today, but we think this whole outfit is a hit!


Lights out! day is done! Good times!


7 Comments on “Shopping for the Birthday girl!

  1. Lmao I’m sooo glad you didn’t post that OTHER pic haha. I’m a little sad I didn’t get the red dress but the shoes make up for it. Thank you sooooo much for coming out & hanging out with me ❤ xoxoxo.

  2. i tried on that red dress at the betsey store out here and i LOVE it! it fits like a glove and makes you look like a doll ❤

  3. first of all, Sarahs makeup is flawless
    second, I like the red dress as well
    third, I want that pink shoooe
    when my bday comes around take me take me TAKE ME!!!

  4. Are you selling any of your dresses on ebay or on any other sites yet????????

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