What I wore today: dress for success!

Today I went on a job hunt and also had a meeting with a good friend of mine from Limite Magazine. This may not be your typical “dress for success” outfit, but for me it is..I wanted to make sure that every place I dropped my resumé off to, would remember me. Plus I just wanted to dress up 😉 lol. I felt like myself today. My hat is from Jaxon, my coat, purse, glittered mary jane’s, button-down, and skirt was all Betsey. The Broche and ring are vintage. Look out for me on WilliamYan.com as well, I bumped into Will while I was rushing off to my meeting and he took my picture.


12 Comments on “What I wore today: dress for success!

  1. Tres chic …j’aime les garments beaucoup… lol honestly a walking voque advertisement.

  2. I DEF looooove the twist on dressing for success. I get so afraid of inserting a lot of my own personal style into a look–no more! Once again, you inspire woman! ❤ you!

    LOL I'm an idiot! I left this one the wrong post! LOL!

  3. kudos for going to an interview in something beyond what is normally considered sensible (which to me usually means boring).

    you almost certainly stood out from the other candidates

  4. I have just became a fan and i must tell you….So far i find myself checking your page everytime you post something….I too am a Fan of the Vintage era….soon to be opening up my own store here in Jersey….I am a big supporter of fellow artist such as yourself….The dress for succes outfit is def something that will be remembered good luck & well wishes on all your successes in life….Namaste

  5. loving the Victorian era vibe, very unique take on the “work wear” look.
    interesting, but still appropriate for an interview.
    I think you totally pulled it off, I would hire you in a heartbeat!
    looking great & great luck chica

    ps. Jasmin, can you do a beauty post, por favor 🙂

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