21-7 Party and more..

[A picture I took walking down Bedford ]

On Wednesday I met up with my long-time friend’s Tammy & Christian for mexican food and drinks at Dos Caminos, and I attended the 21-7 party where I got to meet and greet people I’ve died to chat with in person. It was a great day and overall a great week, and I cant wait to see what’s next.

Here are all the pictures I took with my Nikon D40.

Dos Caminos.


Christian & Tammy. These 2 people know more about me than anyone.

I never get sick of Nachos and Guacamole.

Christian and I striking a pose.

21-7 Party.

[Me & Kay]

[My outfit is inspired by Edward Scissor Hands. Jacket :Top Shop Shoes:Aldo Stockings:Diablos from Agent Provocateur Belt/dress: H&M Jewelry: Girl props.

It was so good to finally catch up with Christa and her friends at the 21-7 Magazine party, I also got to see Kay (@purplelipstick) who is in the picture above.  Kitty City danced up a storm in the middle of Yard bar, I love those kitties. I also got to see my Brother from another-Ivan also known as Inkues. It was such a great party even though I was only there for a few hours. I tend to hibernate in the winter so its good to get out from time to time.

lovely cupcakes at the party! photo by: Alejandro Perez

Alist & Elle Co Founders of 21-7 Magazine.<3

[Pretty Kay]

Caitlin, Esther, Christa, and Me!

Who’s that?

Johainess, Nathalie, and Me..Self explanatory.

The ladies & I dancing up a storm.

Ink and I being silly.

Good times!

More pics coming soon!


8 Comments on “21-7 Party and more..

  1. You look supercute, DUH!
    Im upset I did not bump into you. That would’ve made my night, but were you there after 12? I got there kind of late.
    = /
    next time ❤ !

  2. Yoo jazzy looks like you had a good time, say tammy I said hi, btw my boy fresh5 writes / works for 21-7 and he hit me up asking me to come thru but I was busy working that night, I would have been nice to go have fun and see u again haven’t seen yah in ages,

    Keep it rockin, your boyfriend has a wicked style.

  3. awwww!!! we look like thugs haha. It was soo great seeing you, my love! Im sad i didnt get to meet your beau. i was too busy pretending to be a rockstar, lol! kitty city loves you. xoxoxo

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