Its a Valentine’s Emergency!

Need help finding amazing lingerie for Valentine’s day? Want to find a set that suits you and will knock his socks off?! Look no further ladies, I’m about to help you all out.

These are my favorite go-to websites for Lingerie.

Now we all know that Agent Provocateur is expensive, however, in my opinion AP is the élite of the lingerie world with the most creatively fun styles and amazing quality I have ever seen. AP caters to every type of woman out there, the closet deviant, the timid teaser, the sex goddess, and even your typical plain jane. AP always has a sale after christmas and in the beginning of summer. So If you still love Agent Provocateur and can’t afford a $120 bra (I hear you), you can always look forward to those amazing deals. Speaking of sales, they are having one now!

Here are some of my personal Sale favorites that I KNOW you will love.

Jerry is an adorable set for any girl who loves to be playful and sweet in the bedroom, the briefs are adorable with ruffles on the tush!

This is the Faran Set, the bra is $180 $70, The Waspie is $250 $80, and the Thong should be around $40. This is an elegant set that’s soft to the touch, if your man loves silk and lace, this is the set for you!

Aliyah is not only good for the bedroom but it is also an amazing T-shirt bra, if you want to shop “versatile”, you’ve got it with this set!

This bra and panty set is great for Valentines day! The red and white go perfectly and the Bra covers just the tip of the areola. The underwire serves well as a great push-up bra!

Ok, everyone has seen me wear this little number a million times already, it’s a personal favorite-why?-because I have it. This bodysuit has a built-in basque with cone cups and a waist cinching fit. It’s perfect for any girl who doesn’t mind looking puuurrr-fectly sexy.

The New collection.

Here is the new collection, I am so obsessed with “The bomb” playsuit and the “Starfly” set. Those two are my greatest favorites along with Nadeen, a cowgirl body suit that shows the cheeks and cinches the waist! If you don’t mind spending a hefty penny on these items, be my guest!<3

This set is so pretty, I love the nude colored satin with the delicate nude and brown lace. Seems like the perfect set for someone who is Classic.

How cute is this little number, if you go on the website the back of this body suit has an open-back with ruffles. From the looks of it, it seems like something comfortable and sexy to surprise your honey in;)

This set always comes around in different vibrant colors, I actually have this set in Neon Yellow, Fuchsia, and now I’m dying for this one! If you drop by the shop to get a closer look of it, the orange is a NEON orange and stands out under any white tank. Crystal is wearing it in one of my post’s below.<3

This set is VERY sexy, this is for any girl who doesn’t mind getting a little dangerous in the bedroom ;).

If you are the QUEEN of hearts, this is the set for you! Agent Provocateur makes bondage elegant with this red patent leather playsuit. The heart pasties are sold separately but make such a good match!

What Katie Did was set up in 1999 by lingerie designer Katie Halford. Unable to find seamed stockings at affordable prices in London she simply put ordered £100 worth of stockings wholesale, built a website and set off!

Today What Katie Did produce two collections a year which are stocked in boutiques worldwide. Their designs are not simply inspired by the 40s and 50s but actually made using vintage patterns adapted for women of today. As far as possible they stick to using fabrics and manufacturing methods which were available at that time.

What Katie Did also look to the past for inspiration in other areas of our business including customer service. Because they’re a small company each and every order is processed with ultimate care and personalised service is offered throughout.-WKD

I found out about “What Katie Did” through Bernie Dexter, a famous pin-up model. I saw her modeling a set from WKD that I fell in love with! WKD also has amazing prices cheaper than Agent Provocateur, however they don’t have a US store so your best bet is to buy sets online. I don’t personally own anything from WKD yet 😉 but I am definitely planning on it!

Here are some sets I think you gals will enjoy!

Who doesn’t love Ruffled panties! If you don’t, you suck. I think this whole entire set is incredibly sweet & CHEAP! Panties-$36.07 Bra-$27.04 Garter-$13.87

I love this set, its looks really comfortable especially to sleep in. I love the bow details and the sweet colors. Bra-$27.05 Bloomers-$34.68 Garters-$13.87

Meowwww. What girl doesn’t like wearing leopard lingerie? especially a 6 piece suspender like this one. This set is very pin-up as you can see and I absolutely love it. Bra-$52.02 Suspender-$45.09 Brief-$34.68 Thong-$20.81

This corselet is form-fitting and very sexy if you want to show some curves and maybe some cheek, pair it with some thigh high stockings and your good to go! Corselet-$90.17

This set is a mixture of many things GREAT- you have your Bustier Bra $48.55, you have your Girdle $48.55, and to top it all off- your fully fashioned stockings at $13.87.

I discovered Lucy B lingerie at a lingerie shop in the heart of the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. The shop is called “Love Jones” and when I went to Vegas last year, I went there to visit Bernie because she wasnt attending VLV. I didn’t hesitate on the opportunity to see an old friend and still be able to shop for amazing lingerie, so Crystal and I zoomed out there and “Love Jones” became my number 1 go-to spot in Vegas. Bernie collaborated with Lucie B and created her own lingerie line you will see on the website and below. I bought two Lucy B sets while I was there, I love them till this day. Lucy B is just as fun and creative as Agent Provocateur, only its much cheaper which isn’t a bad thing AT ALL. I plan to go back. The store was a great atmosphere with amazing customer service, if you want to see more on my experience at Love Jones click here.

Here are some sets I have/Love that I think will suit your playful side!

I love high waisted briefs, I have a collection of them that is still growing. Some men don’t get the high waisted brief thing but if you sass it up with 50’s flair you cannot go wrong. I mean, what guy doesn’t want to go home to his very own pin-up girl? Bra-$39 Brief-$31

Baby dolls are not only sexy, but they are so comfortable to sleep in..Pair this baby doll with the set above or just the underwear, and you have a full-on-outfit on your hands. Babydoll-$64 Thong-$21

This is part of Bernie’s Collection, I love the sheer ruffled panties paired with the cuban heeled stockings. This whole outfit screams Bettie Page or one of Olivia De Berardinis scantily clad outfits she paints on her pinups. Bra-$69 Suspender-$54 Brief-$39

This baby doll is soft and sweet, the colors are calming and still delivers that sexy-factor. Below is the matching set.

Some of us don’t like to wear thongs, some of us hate briefs, but there is something for all of us on Lucy set is great! Babydoll-$64 Bra-$34 Suspender Skirt-$46 thong-$21

This whole Sailor ensemble is ADORABLE, I have it and it is so sexy and so comfortable, I wish I could wear it to the beach! Bra-$64 Brief-$48 Top-$54 suspender Skirt-$48

I hope this post helps all of you lovely ladies find something sexy and sassy for Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have a Valentine, go by something sexy for yourself anyway, doesn’t hurt to pre-game before you meet someone. Hey, a little lingerie might be a bit of good luck;)

Hope you all have a very joyous Valentine’s.


8 Comments on “Its a Valentine’s Emergency!

  1. I so love these! I wish they made it for my size bra…DDD is not an easy size to get in pretty! lol

  2. I love everything. I’m also excited to copy a few of the hairstyles the models have.

  3. Lol I agree with @mimi L
    I wonder what u will wear lmao….

    But thanx for posting this I was just gonna buy a red thong tease a lil and call it a nite lol…but I now know what I should get to make V-day special for my boo and I ….

  4. LOL @ Phinel! ahahaha Lucky you stopped on by and took a browse!

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