GoldBar with Fashionable ladies!

The other night I was invited out by Anya to Gold Bar and to my surprise I saw Ingrid and Sarah, two lovely women that made my night that much more enjoyable. I love Anya for dragging my butt out of my house to have a ladies night. In the pic above is Ingrid, Sarah, and I. I wore a dress by Coven, Agent provocateur Diablo Stockings, and my Top Shop pumps.

Sarah and I. She has such Impeccable style and a great personality to match.

Lovely Anya and I, She is so sweet and she looked amazing as always!

Sarah and Rogelio chatting it up, and I caught the camera as it caught me lol.

Ingrid is working those snake skinned harem pants! I love her outfit and her big heart. She has always been so sweet to me.

To see more of these lovely women check out their blog [CustomFad].


4 Comments on “GoldBar with Fashionable ladies!

  1. This is a nice change, Jasmin! I love being able to see you “out and about” in your outfits. I’m going to check out Custom Fad.

  2. I like Anya’s shoes and look in general. Simple yet effective!

    And yes it’s nice to see you out and about

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