AP Bowling at the Gutter.

Yesterday, I was invited out by my the girls at my old job (Agent Provocateur). It was so good to see them and finally hang out with them again. I havent been bowling with them in AGES! I miss them so much, especially Scarlet who couldn’t make it :(. We went to The Gutter in Brooklyn where we conversed, ate pizza, and kicked ass in bowling. I didn’t play because I suck, but I did bowl for a few people who were gone, and still sucked lol. Anyway, here are the pictures.

The ladies!<3

Monica, having a good time :D.

Rochelle-Rochelle! The Dynamic performing duo featuring Crystal and Beth! I love these girls, they are SO talented.

Marisa, Me, and Crystal taking a group shot.<3

Before my Gutter ball..

After my Gutter Ball- “aw man, I messed up Beth’s shot!”. lolol

Crystal going in on the pizza, nom nom nom.

Crystal and Mira chatting it up..Mira is awesome, if you don’t know her..you should.

Crystal trying to bite off my face lol. I love this woman! Shes actually one of the best people I know. Wanna know more about her? Check out this sassy lady in Inked magazine I posted about her a few months ago.

Good times!



4 Comments on “AP Bowling at the Gutter.

  1. Nice! You went out at least two times in one week! Somebody’s livin’ up to their personal goals! 🙂 I’m happy for you. I am *horrible* at bowling, but the laughs, food, and people always make it an enjoyable time.

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