My BEST & CHEAPEST Vintage finds.

Look Familiar?

My most amazing vintage pieces in my closet costs less than $45 and were all purchased in the Salvation Army and other vintage shops no one pays attention to. People always say they don’t find anything, you just really have to look, or in my case..its all about luck. I’m going to give you guys the inside scoop on the places I go to find my best vintage pieces. Still not sure you will find something? bring me with you.:)

1980s. This is my most INFAMOUS dresses, everyone knows this dress. I wore it for my 21st birthday and it caused a domino affect of girls who wore lace on their birthdays. Only this dress is special, It’s pure vintage and It only costed me $12. I got it directly from my Salvation Army on Steinway Street in Queens.

1970s. This dress is actually pretty long but I got a few tears removed. I’m short so I usually have to tailor my dresses. This dress is beautiful and unbelievably comfortable, It reminds me of Cleopatra, I got it at the Salvation Army on 61st in Queens for $7. I took a close up of the accessories just incase you guys want to see them up close.

This leather bag is handmade by a guy in Soho, im sure many of you probably see him selling really cool leather accessories, he’s a really cool guy. I bought this bag about 6 years ago for $20..The belt and bracelet was a gift, the belt is definitely vintage.

1980s. Another Special Lace dress, what I love about it is the amazing neckline and metallic color. It’s short and sweet, I’ve probably worn it twice my entire life because its such a staple. This one I got at the Salvation Army on Steinway Street in Queens for $12.

1950s. This dress is an amazing buy from Flores Antique store in Brooklyn on Grand St. I had to shorten it with my scissors lol because I was dying to wear it and was too impatient to take it to the Tailor. As you can see I left the bow long, I kinda like it that way. I got it for $35 and paired it with a vintage hat I got at the Salvy and some Tarina Tarantino jewelry you can see below.

1950s. This dress is truly special, the lace and tulle detail blend so beautifully. I have to say this is one of my most beautiful dresses I own and love. It’s so special I have had it for 4 years and I have only wore it once on a failed NYE, no one even got to see this dress because I was probably out for an hour in it before I was in a cab home. I have died to wear it since. This one costed me $45 at Flores antiques Shop on Grand St. in Brooklyn. It is sooo old I have to take it to the tailors soon to re-stitch some of the seams.

1950s. This dress reminds me of Grease, I swear the next time I wear it im going to pair it with my leather jacket. I love it, its pink, what girl doesn’t love pink? Fits like a glove and finding dresses from the 50’s that actually fit is hard. I purchased this dress at Flores Antique shop on Grand Street in Brooklyn. (yes I know it needs to be steamed, they are all in plastics).

1960s. What stood out to me about this dress was the color scheme. My favorite colors are Mustard and Teal and this dress jumped out at me through the piles of dresses on the rack. I got this dress at Beacons Closet in Brooklyn for $15. Couldnt resist.



12 Comments on “My BEST & CHEAPEST Vintage finds.

  1. I’m coming back to NY, and you’re taking me shopping–vintage shopping. I LOVED Beacon’s Closet in BK, and found three other Vintage stores there while roaming around. My fave from all of these is the “infamous lace”, but everything is wonderful. You’re clothing is a testament as to why EVERYONE should invest in a tailor!

  2. I’m a new reader of your blog and I love it!! All the dresses are lovely but that first lace dress is pure sex.

  3. It is so true about having the patience to look and knowing how u can alter something to make it tailored for u! I LOVE vintage and have some PHENOMENAL pieces as well. Ur finds are all INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!! I will def stay tuned to see more =)

  4. Kudos – not many people could pull off that lace dress. I am the same way – I shop almost exclusively Goodwill, Value Village, Salvation Army, and Deseret Industries when I shop secondhand, and this post really made me want to go out and shop right now! People are always telling me they can’t find things in those stores or that they’re too ‘dirty’. I think it’s more about persistence than luck, but also about skill.

  5. Didn’t you had mention about selling some of ur pieces? Clothes, jewlery if so..when??

    Love the 3 and 1 dress….

  6. I find stuff… just NEVER in my size ;(
    However my best finds are bags and shoes, I just found my homie Grissel an amazing pair of official tall doc martens hardly used for about $15.

    but you lil lady are a queen at scavenging thrift spots.

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