The Decora.

When I was in Art School (my high school) and was doing research for a fashion presentation I came across this book called “Fruits”. This book is about personal style in Japan, Mostly of the “Decora” which are people who drench themselves in cosplay (costume like) outfits, layers, accessories, and are fully animated with Fashion. If you want to mimic the looks of the Decora you can just visit your local Betsey Johnson shop, most of her dresses and accessories fit the mold. However, I cannot wait to go to Japan so I can see it for myself and shop in all the second-hand stores that I found in this book. Most articles of clothing that these people sport are usually from vintage shops. I love that they are brave and don’t mind being colorful or looking like they are wearing costumes from a movie set. I usually shop on ebay for cosplay dresses and coats from Japan and Hong Kong. Here is a coat I purchased last year. They usually make them custom to your body and the coats are usually 2-3 pieces.


I really want this one too:(

Here are some other Decora dressed in Cosplay clothes. Sooo Inspiring.

Go to your local Barnes and Noble shop and get yourself the book “Fruits!”.



12 Comments on “The Decora.

  1. omg i wanna move to japan!!!! this is fucking awesomeeee i love their look, it seems like if i will actually fit in here… cant wear those things in the streets of the Bronx lol

  2. Jazzy! I should’ve known you’d be the one to love this book. I remember being a little girl, sneaking in my older sisters room to watch her get ready for a night out. She was deeply moved by Decora and the freedom to dress as she pleased. I’d help her cut, pin, sew anything & was so proud of her courage.Fruits was her number one inspiration. Wear your bunny coat with pride!

  3. You must make it your mission to go to Japan!!!!!!!! I went the year before last and it was so amaaaaaaaaazeballs. I bought a vintage dress for $4 yes FOUR bucks. I only wish I had done more damage in that one store. It was this one building that had 4/5 floors of straight up vintage all different styles different prices and it was in Harajuku the motherload of all things Lolita/goth/chinadoll that is japans style. I love that place. I am making a return trip to Japan when time permits. I love eBay as well, especially all the goodies from overseas from Japan, HK, and Korea as well. I can’t stop blabbing about it……… I kept all my lil maps and businesses I squandered from all the places I went. It’s magic….don’t get me started on the food….

  4. I agree, thats why people wear military themed articles of clothing as well as those who wear pop culture memorabilia,some can wear a supermario t shirt red and blue dunks with a nintendo controller belt buckle while others might need a denim jump suit red shirt and a hat and boots to match.I myself believe that if your cloths dont portray your personality as opposed to ideals that are tredy because of the times then you ar inadequately dressed

  5. Entertaining page. My co-workers and I were just discussing this the other night. Also your webpage looks excellent on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Keep it up.

  6. I adore this post!
    I’m going to Tokyo in February and cant wait, i’ve been wanting to go since i was 14!

    You mentioned you knew of some second hand stores, would you mind given them away and which area they’re in?

  7. Could you link us to the maker/seller of the white bunny coat, please 🙂 ?

      • Thank you so much for the speedy reply 😀 !

        I love your attitude, playfulness in the bunny-coat photos ^_^ .

  8. only two of ALL the pictures here are actually decora. the rest is lolita and visual kei

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