Dan DeCarlo Pinups!

You might know Dan De Carlo as the artist who developed the characters of Archie comics
, Sabrina the teenage witch, Josie & the pussy cats, and Cheryl Blossom. I love this mans work and his pinups! I nearly died when I found these images and I found myself wanting more and more until google couldn’t give me anything else to store in my picture folder. I can’t tell you how inspired I am by this man, I think it’s the fact that he clearly doesn’t believe in stick figures but more of scantily clad curvaceous women who had itty bitty waist lines. The women depicted in these photos are sassy fashionable women who are either sweet and innocent or dangerously seductive lol. Dan De Carlo has quite a sense of humor making every illustration memorable. Bettie from “Archie’s Double Digest” was always my favorite character when I used to collect his comics back in the 90s.  I still have a box full of those comics, I used to pay 50 cents for them at a pawn shop on 21st street here in Queens. This makes me want to search through my little archive and reread his work. I definitely need to go to my local book store to buy “The Art of Dan DeCarlo” by Bill Morrison. You guys should check it out too!


8 Comments on “Dan DeCarlo Pinups!

  1. I love his work. I remember my dad brought me a carton with all his work – when i was about 10 or 11 yrs old, that he had found by the trash. ( one persons trash is another treasure) I love his stuff. I always loved the fact that his work made me feel it was ok to be thick. looking at it now makes me not want to lose all thise weight i planned on for the new year. Thanks for the post – i needed it, as silly as that sounds.

  2. great blog

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  3. I’m glad Mr. DeCarlo and I appreciate a girl with some thickness. Also love love love love love your style.

  4. Just a note: the art at the top (the Veronica art) is not by Dan DeCarlo, it’s by Harry Lucey, the main artist on the “Archie” title. (DeCarlo did “Betty and Veronica.”)

  5. DeCarlo is delightful! Absolutely love his work! I was in love with Veronica (seriously) for many years. Enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work.

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