What I wore today: 01/05/09

Photo taken by the FABULOUS Danielle<3

[Coat: H&M Dress: Bettie Page Clothing Bag:Betsey Johnson Hat&Gloves:Vintage Boots:Michael Kors.]


24 Comments on “What I wore today: 01/05/09

  1. you make all those designers you mentioned look like their clothes is worth over a million bucks!!!!!

  2. That’s it, i have to confess i am in total love with your style. you are so cute, badass, and elegant all in one. if i ever see you do not be afraid if a 5’0 blonde girl screams and runs up to you. I’m a fan and a follower of you on twitter… to me you’re famous ❤

  3. you’re adorable .. & the fact that you’re soo into vintage & tim burton & old movies is amazing .. in a society where everyone is soo desperate to be better than everyone else its refreshing to see someone who realizes the only person we should ever strive to be better than is ourself .. transcending is the key .. & ur piece on women & self-esteem was inspiration .. I think you have an old soul ;]

    best wishes for 2010 doll

  4. Outfit nice!
    But can we get
    Something new! New blogs topics

    Something like the usual
    “Hate men” or “drama”…

    miss the advice

  5. High five* to finding a king

    But ill be honest missing the bashing and the badd ass advice. Ur advice has help me out A LOT if u only knew! how I used to love someone now don’t even care if he’s alive lol all with ur help/advice….wishing u well keep up the good work/success

    • Oh girl, dont worry, it will come back when someone pisses me off again lol..I am SOOOO HAPPY that I have helped you in some way doll, its 2010 girl, make it YOUR YEAR. I am POSITIVE that you deserve it, thank you for always tuning in<3<3

  6. whoever said “never wear black & brown” was sadly mistaken
    you are working it girl
    love all of the accessories
    that coat is such a great find
    the boots are to die for
    the dress is lovely
    could you please do a post on your make-up?
    specifically your eyeliner.
    it’s fabulous!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful! You remind me of Audrey Hepburn in this outfit.

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