Top-Shop till you Drop!

When Top Shop opened in Soho I was very hesitant to go in because of all of the “hype”. The day I decided to go in was the day TS ruined my life. I can’t ever go in without leaving with something. For my birthday recently I went in to look for a birthday dress and stumbled across the amazing Christopher Kane line on the second floor and I died when I found this studded see-through dress I nearly died! Someone got it for me as a gift and I was so happy! Just to add to that, Top shop is now having a sale so I went in and bought a few other pieces. A bold shouldered shiny jacket that weirdly reminded me of Edward Scissor hands, a cute cropped top with a lion design that reminded me of Versace, the Christopher Kane hoodie I always wanted, and the matching shoes! Here are the items and how I would wear them.

Biker Styled Jacket

Bold Shouldered Cropped Sweater

Christopher Kane hoodie & shoes

I love the Stud and Stud-mirror details on this hoodie. I know I’m going to wear it to death!

Run to the Top Shop Website!


9 Comments on “Top-Shop till you Drop!

  1. I love it all. Visited Top Shop’s website today, but have never been to the store! Shout out to your photographers!

  2. Bad, bad, bad! This is all bad and you know it! Now I have to spend more money, lol!

    Keep it up Jas!

  3. “ruined your life?” lol really Jas?
    hahaha u look cute in everything you bought.

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