Agent Provocateur “Whip me” Stockings!

You can look but you cant touch!

Agent Provocateur is known for their amazing luxurious lingerie. Not only do they sell sexy undergarments but they also sell sexy hosiery. Wether you’re looking for fishnets, holdups, silk, or nylon stockings, AP is your go-to place. I have been wearing classic cuban seam & heel stockings since 2004, since then I have been hooked so it’s no surprise that I had to get my hands on these! $70

Yes ladies! hurry on to Agent Provocateur and pick yourself up some stockings!

I’m sure my boyfriend will love them ;X



5 Comments on “Agent Provocateur “Whip me” Stockings!

  1. seriously, those are the hottest piece of hosiery i’ve ever seen! gorgeous…

  2. Totally awesome!! Going to their website a.s.a.p!!

    Thanks for the link to your blog, btw and
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, doll!!

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