Vintage Finds: Buffalo Exchange

So I went with my mother to Buffalo exchange the other day to help her find Xmas gifts and stumbled across some cool things. I’ve been to buffalo exchange times before with money to spend and I never found anything, of course when your on a budget you tend to find things that you actually like -_-. Call shopaholic’s anonymous, I need to be strapped down and taken into a shopping rehab..You have my permission, seriously. Anyway this is a cool necklace I found, seems sweet and pretty from the front, but when you turn it over she’s a blood sucking zombie! just how I like it ;).

Armani Exchange makes everyone want to throw up, but you know what? they have some pretty amazing stuff when you actually look. As long as it doesn’t look like it’s from south beach I love their stuff, especially their jackets. This is a sweater vest that my mother suggested (see! she’s got good taste). Not bad for $15, considering I have no winter clothes.

This is a YSL top I almost purchased but it was a tad bit big, womp womp. So awesome though, the price was $45.

I’m not sure if this dress is vintage but it is soooo cool with the X straps all over it. I wear lots of black during the winter so this works at $15.

I don’t know what it was about this dress, the comfort of the velvet material or the fact that it was one shouldered. Either way I thought it was soo cool at $25.

lol this is me & Zack the store manager, he was super cool! Sadly they all know me because I go there wayyy too much to shop lol.

For more info on buffalo exchange click here.


3 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Buffalo Exchange

  1. I love buffalo exchange. My favorite stores happen to be in San Francisco. I didn’t get to go to the BK store while in NYC; they closed 5 mins before I got there. Maybe next time, though.

  2. Not only does Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn have cool stuff, they have a totally cool manager by the name of Zack who makes you feel very comfortabe shopping at the store.

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