Sophia Kokosalaki Shoes!

The new edition to my shoe family. I saw these babies at a consignment shop (its our secret) and I went nuts!. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford them at the time and for about 2 months that I revisited the store, I sadly looked upon these babies who hadn’t been bought yet, screaming, itching, dying to be mine. They are approximately 5 inches high and just what I need because I’m so short lol. On Xmas day I was delightfully surprised that Santa heard my wishes, finally realized I was a good girl this year, and delivered me my baby Sophia’s!.

The shoes are by Greek Designer Sophia Kokosalaki, from her Spring/Summer 09′ collection. I absolutely adore them and I can’t wait till the snow and rain clears so I can finally wear them outside, and not in the house all day (when I’m not even going anywhere) lol. I just had to blog them, they are a sight for sore eyes!


And to top it off I also got the Tim Burton Book I wanted!

Thank you Santa ;)<3


14 Comments on “Sophia Kokosalaki Shoes!

  1. LOL
    i am dying at the picture of you and Joaquin.
    those shoes are freaking fantastic!
    i can’t wait to see what amazing looks you pair them with.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS JASMIN! God bless! xoxo

  2. i am late but i just noticed you and your beau’s initials are J&J..
    too cute!

  3. those are gorgeous!! your faces are hilarious in that picture – props to the photog for the great timing! merry xmas 😉

  4. LOL aahahah Joaquin is like, yeah, yeah, no sweat. And you, lookin’ all psycho Barbie. HAHAHA very nice! My boyfriend’s gift to me made me cry tears of happiness, so yeah, I pretty much looked a hot mess. Go, J&J!

  5. Thta is such an awesome photo! You are both lovely, and full of emotion. Its perfect.

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