Rodarte X Target!

I LOVE when Target has collaborations with Designers. I remember when Erin Fetherston designed a collection for them and I went crazy trying to find this one coat that had a huge heart placed on the back but the whole collection was long gone. The coat was sold out everywhere and one day while shopping for my dog’s food I took a quick sneak peek at the sale section and to my surprise there was the coat along with all of the other pieces that I assume people returned. I literally took home the whole collection at a fraction of the price, call me lady luck.

Luck struck again when I was heavily anticipating the drop of Rodarte’s line for Target. Luckily I have family who work at the one in Whitestone because they called me as soon as it dropped telling me to hurry my little ass over there to get the dresses they were holding for me. Mind you, my aunt wasnt even working that day and just decided to drop in for some home goods, so I was SUPER lucky because everything was practically gone..I tried on the whole entire line and left with most of it thanks to my family who decided this would be my Christmas Gift. Some of the stuff didn’t fit well or just wasnt me, so I only took what I loved. Here are the goodies!

I lovvveeee this leopard print dress, It’s actually leopard printed LACE! It fits so well and I love the 3 huge bows on the back of the dress. The bows almost camouflage into the dress but look closely 😉

Yes, I snagged the Rib Cage dress, Actually my aunt snagged it and she had sharks circling her for it lol! I love it!!!

This might be my new years dress, I love the sequins!

I love how sweet this dress is, I love the bow neckline and the fitted waistline!

I didn’t know if I wanted this dress in the mustard, black, or pink colorway, but I decided to go with the pink because the black dress reminded me of the Lorario Beatriz dress I bought previously. This blush pink is one of my favorite colors..I love the Bow shoulders!

I had to get this top in two colors, it speaks for itself.

Last but definitely not least, a bathing suit! I tried it on and it was simply ADORABLE, cant wait to hit the beach in this number!

Go to target! Check out the line!



12 Comments on “Rodarte X Target!

  1. I have that Erin Featherstone coat! 🙂 I wanted it so badly, and ended up getting it at Goodwill! Target donates all unsold clothing to Goodwill, so I find plenty of designers for Target there. I love your new finds!

  2. My fave is def the rib cage outfit so rock-n-roll chic. But, WTF is up with the Rodarte AD… i effin hate when they put skeletal bodies on advertisements. grrr

  3. Omg I just read your blog and I saw their line online, I just came back from target and got two bikinis and a dress. Thanks jasmin! Your awesome!

  4. I wore the pink slip dress today, I love it!! Did you see the lace cardis those are a delicate fave too!! I went bonkers the day it launched 😛 never have I ever but for this I did even scored the knee highs!

  5. all I can say is “WOW” because its so different to see these items impeccably styled, instead of on a mannequin or hanger.

  6. I like all but I must say, good choice going for PINK
    You look like a doll in it and remind me of the sound of music, the teenage girl that got wet in a pale pink dress remember? One of my all time fav movies

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