December goodies!

I started my Christmas shopping early, and in the mix of shopping I couldn’t resist a few things I saw at a sample sale, not to mention the Mode Merr fashion show where MM clothing was sold and I adored almost everything. Of course I justified my purchases by making the excuse of “I’ve already finished 3/4 of my Xmas shopping..I suppose I could buy myself a little something”.

The sample sale I went to was a Robert Geller sample sale, but to my surprise..Building 52 also represented clothing and accessories from other designers like Coven, Rosa Cha, and Lerario Beatriz by Ana Lerario who just happens to be Robert Gellers Wife – What a talented couple!. Rosa Cha and Lerario Beatriz are two amazingly talented designers from Brazil. Rosa Cha amazed me with her beautiful swim suits and Lerario swept me off my feet with her beautiful fabrics and sweet styles. I had a budget but I worked it to my advantage. What a great way to start Christmas!

Here are some not-vintage-finds that are pretty special..


I was very curious about this dress, It reminded me of a scuba diving suit of some sort but most of my best pieces come from curiosity. My best tip when shopping is: If you question it, try it on, it just might surprise you. This dress definitely surprised me. Its form-fitting, comfortable, has bold colors, and is like nothing I already own. The woman who rang me up said my Coven pick is originally over $700 but I got it for $35.;) that’s a steal!

Lerario Beatriz

This was the first Item I picked up at the “Fifty Two” sample sale. I wasnt surprised when I found out this beautiful dress was designed by Robert Gellar’s wife. After seeing his collection, I wished that he could make a womans line and I come to find out his wife Ana is just as brilliant!. This see-through piece reminded me of one of Olivia De Berardinis’s outfits she usually paints on her pinups. I knew right away that this was in the bag. I adore it, especially when It only costed me $15.

Mode Merr & Rosa Cha

I always wanted a leopard pencil skirt with a matching jacket and Mode Merr made my wishes come true! Actually…My mother made my wishes come true, she bought me my MM stuff as my Christmas present, shes the BEST. I just want to put a scarf over my head, put on my cat eye glasses, get in an old muscle car, and drive off. The bandeu bra is Rosa Cha, it was a cute basic piece I just had to have. The MM jacket was from a $20 dollar bin at the sale and the skirt was $65. The Rosa Cha bandeu was only $5 but it doesn’t stop there.

This is one of the Rosa Cha bras, the panels on the top are metal and the fabric is thick molded cup. This Bra top is out of this world and I was so excited when I found it in the $5 dollar bin along with the navy green one below. These bras are very Madonna as they both have a cone shape, but I’m crazy enough to wear them both without breaking a sweat.

This Mode Merr skirt was another curious buy, and I fell in love with it when I tried it on. The adorable bow and ruffle detail was all it took to grab my attention. I cant wait to wear this skirt with my leather jacket. Price ranges from $55-65 but they had a $20 dollar bin and that’s where I got it from ;).

Hope you liked my goodies!!


10 Comments on “December goodies!

  1. Ok. This is one reason why I love NYC: The Sample Sales. Other than that? I will remind myself of the million other reasons why I love my home state of California! :o) My fave items (in order) are: 1: Lerario Beatriz see through dress 2: Mode Merr leopard coordinates 3: Mode Merr pink/ruffle skirt 4: “Skuba Dress” a la Coven 5: The bras.

    Great picks! I’ve decided to make my 1st Mode Merr purchase.

  2. OH WOW! great buys indeed! Everything looks great!
    This line right here “$700 but I got it for $35.;) ” WOAH!
    Im like only Jasmin could find a deal like that! 🙂

  3. *jaw drops* That see-thru dress is incredible. *stares for a while* GENIUS!

  4. ok seriously how the hell do u do it? i can NEVER find anything remotely as cute at thrift stores what more for THAT cheap!

  5. Gimme that Coven dress!!! Wow, I am speechless!

    Since when was your eyebrow pierced? I never noticed that!

    Stay fab!

  6. What was the location of this sample sale? Do they have any more coming up? Love the stuff, and I’m always on the look out for great deals like that! ❤

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