The Generations Art show!

Indie 184 x Cope2 set up an event on Second Ave in Manhattan, and of course I couldn’t pass up the chance of going. Indie184 x Cope2’s amazing artwork was displayed at the event along with other amazing Graffiti artists like Taki 183, Stayhigh149, Cap, Krink, T-Kid170, and of course (one of my favorites) Tilt. A lot of old school graffiti artists attended the event, It was like we were in an 80’s time warp. Every piece had its own identity and flair of its own, it was a delight to see the work of amazing artists.

I love Indie, she’s a friend of mine and I give her props for being a mother, going to school, and keeping her art work alive. P.S shes got an amazing T-shirt line too! MAJOR PROPS!

Taki 183 is a Legend in the Graffiti Game.

I love how clean these pieces are. Amazing.

Graffiti Comic, pretty damn cool.


Of course its Krink!

Love this.

I want this train sign in my room. please and thank you.

It was so awesome to see Tilt’s work at the exhibition. I don’t think any exhibition is complete without him. He’s such an amazing artist and It was sad not to see him there.:(..Either way he was still spoken of by many of his fans who love his work and recognized it right away.

Dont know how I managed to cut the “Mist” part of this piece, This is definitely a Mist x Tilt collaboration. I love it.

This is what the Big apple really looks like. So awesome.

Christa, Caitlin, and I.

That girl looks familiar 😉

There is still time to check out this exhibition, It goes on until the 10th of December. Stop by, its great and its free!

117 Second Ave East 7th Street.



5 Comments on “The Generations Art show!

  1. Hey Vintage!

    My nephew is interested in going to this exhibit, he’s into graffiti as well… can you let me know if its open tomorrow and if so from what time?

    Thanks so much! Love your pics!

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